Premium 24/7 Towing Services by Bosh Bros Towing in Fresno

Fresno is one of the largest cities in California. The last thing you want is your car to get stuck on one of the many city roads. Therefore, you should have a reliable and professional towing Fresno company that can come and get you whenever you need it.

Bosh Bros Towing offers the best professional towing services in Fresno. We have been towing vehicles in the city for many years and know exactly how to help our clients. We have expert technicians who will get you out of any sticky situation so your car remains functional and accessible.

Our Services

Bosh Bros Towing is a diverse company offering various towing Fresno services, including:

Roadside Assistance

Getting stuck by the side of the road is dangerous, and you will need towing Fresno services. You may run out of fuel, have a flat tire, or your battery may die, leaving you stranded roadside. Bosh Bros Towing offers professional roadside assistance to get you going again and reach your destination. Our roadside assistance services include:

For swift roadside assistance, we have the best team in the business.

Auto Locksmith

People make mistakes, and locking car keys inside the car is a common one. It can make you late for work, miss an important appointment, and completely frustrate you. However, there is no need to worry because Bosh Bros Towing has a car lockout service for you.

We will:

We will do whatever is necessary to ensure you are mobile once more.

Emergency Towing

Cars often break down and leave people stranded and confused. It is difficult to know why your car will not start.

Our towing Fresno service is our most popular service. Wherever you are in Fresno and at whatever time, we will provide customers with emergency towing services.

Our emergency towing services include:

We will do our best to fix the problem with the car on-site. However, if that is impossible, we will move it to a secure location of your choosing. Our team will handle your vehicle delicately until it reaches its destination.

Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us as your premier towing service, including:

Customer Service

We are utterly committed to customer service as we understand what it is like to be stuck on a road in harsh weather. You will always find a friendly voice when you call us. Our local team understands the city, and they will do everything to ensure you are satisfied with our services.


The primary characteristic you want in a towing company is reliability. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including during the holidays. As soon as you give us your details, we will send someone to your location and give you the help you need.

Fast and Reliable

You get fast and reliable service with us. We guarantee that we will reach any part of Fresno as soon as possible after receiving your call. Our experts’ knowledge of the city also ensures they will get to your location.

If you require towing Fresno services, contact Bosh Bros Towing today for a quote.

Service Areas

We cover the following zip codes: 93638, 34777, 12714, 93636, 93619, 16399, 93619, 93636, 34700, 38244, 41389, 93730, 10428, 93619, 93723, 93722, 93711, 93704, 93710, 93611, 93619, 10310, 93723, 93722, 93704, 93727, 93727, 93619, 10380, 93723, 93706, 93721, 93727, 93727, 93657, 93706, 93706, 93706, 93706, 93725, 93725, 93657, 93706, 93706, 93706, 93706, 93725, 93625, 93625

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